Graceland - Paul Simon


Paul Simon

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2012-06-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2012 Paul Simon under exclusive license of Sony Music Entertainment


Title Artist Time
The Boy In the Bubble Paul Simon 3:59
Graceland Paul Simon 4:51
I Know What I Know (with Gener Paul Simon 3:13
Gumboots (with the Boyoyo Boys Paul Simon 2:44
Diamonds On the Soles of Her S Paul Simon 5:50
You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon 4:40
Under African Skies Paul Simon 3:37
Homeless (with Ladysmith Black Paul Simon 3:48
Crazy Love, Vol. II Paul Simon 4:19
That Was Your Mother (with Goo Paul Simon 2:52
All Around the World or the My Paul Simon 3:18


  • Best ever album

    By GFong
    You can’t go wrong with this album, all around great music. Even for this old dog 🙀.
  • Great music

    By MikeNoble1
    Paul Simon really is a genius. I have been listening to this album for a very long time. It is incredible. It grabs you from the beginning and never lets go. I grew up about a mile or two from Paul and Art in Forest Hills, New York. Unfortunately, I never met them. Great music.
  • Graceland

    By Abby Knowlton
    This album will most likely be my favorite for the rest of my life. Graceland truly stands the test of time. Simon manages to tell his own stories in such a manner that you're certain you've been there before. Crazy Love Vol II is my personal favorite off this album. Graceland is most likely the best album of all time, at least the best I'll ever hear.
  • Sped Up?

    By Tireandwheel
    These songs sound slightly sped up compared to how I recall them from the CD.
  • Commercial Flop.

    By coolsteve2
    This album found it's way into the cutout bins early on after it's release. If your hard core Paul Simon you can stomach it. But if your looking for really good music , go elsewhere. This album is bad. If I-Tunes was giving this away I would not waste the storage space on my computor.
  • His last bit of greatness

    By SUFI
    go for it!
  • A legendary rip off

    By Amsskaapipikani
    The stories about Paul Simon ripping off the real talent on this album are legion. A lovely record to listen to . . . if you do not know the real story.
  • A legendary rip off

    By Amsskaapipikani
    The stories about Paul Simon ripping off the real talent on this album are legion. A lovely record to listen to . . . if you do not know the real story.
  • Test of Time

    By Trip1102
    I remember hearing these songs while traveling to wrestling tournaments. Paul Simon has always amazed me with his seemingly down to earth character. I've mowed many lawns while listening to this tape. I've somehow lost my purchase from iTunes but, I still have a few of the songs on one of his greatest hits compilations. The reviews, with the exception of TimmyDs and a couple of others, have been dead on accurate. TimmyD, I'm still shaking my head and wondering what it is you actually listen to. This man is one of the greatest poets and song writers of a few generations.
  • Mostly good summer pop

    By BrianSwaldi
    This album his hit and miss - with more hit than miss. Even the misses have elements of things that I like in the song. It's great summer pop at its best and weird Rusted Root meets Coming to America soundtrack at it's worst. Two of his best songs are found on here in Diamonds and You Can Call Me Al. They're classic hits and two staples on my summer playlist. His pioneering smooth vocals are also in top form here. I've always loved how breezy his singing is on this album. There are many people who've modeled thier vocals after Paul's style of singing. Josh Rouse springs to mind as someone who seems to have been primarily influenced by this album. A couple of songs were not worth keeping, however. I wanted to like Homeless, but it was just too far out there. I also didn't love the occasional zydeco feel on a couple of the songs like Boy In The Bubble. And the freaky background vocals on I Know What I Know ruined a potential classic. They sounded like flamingos on Ritalin. It's such a shame, because it took a 4 star song down to a 2 star song. Minus the terrible background singing, it's a great song otherwise. This album is primarily made up of 3 star songs. There's 0 five star songs, 2 four star songs, 5 three star songs, 1 two star song, and 3 throwaways.

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