Living Out of Time (Live) - Robin Trower

Living Out of Time (Live)

Robin Trower

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2006-10-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2006 Ruf Records


Title Artist Time
Too Rolling Stoned (Live) Robin Trower 8:37
Sweet Angel (Live) Robin Trower 3:57
What's Your Name (Live) Robin Trower 2:52
Rise Up Like the Sun (Live) Robin Trower 2:54
Daydream (Live) Robin Trower 10:16
Living Out of Time (Live) Robin Trower 3:25
Breathless (Live) Robin Trower 3:51
Day of the Eagle (Live) Robin Trower 4:11
Bridge of Sighs (Live) Robin Trower 10:26
Close Every Door (Live) Robin Trower 3:23
I Want You to Love Me (Live) Robin Trower 6:06
Please Tell Me (Live) Robin Trower 4:10
Little Bit of Sympathy (Live) Robin Trower 5:29


  • legend in his own time

    By grandad3
    In a time where we disgustingly throw around the term "rock star" for those of little consequence or talent, Robin Trower shows us what it means to have an impact even 40 years after first practicing his craft for us. A consummate, caring, and intense artist, Robin surrounds himself with those whom also deeply and compassionately deliever music that still deserves attention. 'Daydream' and the other classics, as well as the newer material, still take us to that place where few musicians will ever reside, and invite us along for the ride. Thank You, Robin and band for this awesome live collection!
  • One of Rock's True Originals

    By DashRipprock
    I'm with hixw, the live versions of this music is where it's at! I saw Trower in Amsterdam in 77 and again in Chicago in 2003 (about). He was better than ever! This guy justs keeps on Rollin!
  • Back In The Day....

    By sezwhom
    Also saw Trower at the venerable Winterland many times. Day of the Eagle got all the pub/air but Bridge of Sighs and Little Bit of Sympathy are my favorites. Bridge of Sighs, with Pattison is still very good but with Dewar, it was almost an out of body experience. Unless I'm missing something, why are "In This Place" and "Lady Love" missing? Great tunes! Off topic...kind of: If you can find it, "Beyond The Mist" is an incredible album largely ignored.
  • hard rock

    By somfnow
    i saw him in the 70's at the Felt Forum--wow--great-i wish i was still living back then----
  • Living out of time - Trower Live

    By ClydeMcCoy
    I saw Trower at Winterland in 75, he was great and I was 11. Saw him last year in LA, But this is insane good. If you like live Trower there is nothing I have ever heard or seen him do that ranks with this. I always wonder when we will all get arthritis in our left hands, not Robin, fingers are bionic.
  • "No Offense zebbsmom....but I believe the total oppisite is true."

    By hix_w
    This live album totally defines just how great a musician Mr. Trower is. Live music is the real deal and this album just purley rocks.
  • living out of time

    By zebsmom2002
    First, I've been a Robin Trower freak for years. The album is enjoyable. That said, personally, I prefer the original versions of many of the songs. The "live" versions don't do them justice.
  • As if it's '76 all over again

    By Bluesdogg
    Not having James Dewar is a huge loss but Davey Pattison(Gamma) is an able replacement and did a lot of work with trower in the '80s. This collection is such a tour de force for Trower fans fond of the old and new tunes alike. He hasn't lost a thing except a few hairs but his chops are as passionate and powerful as ever. Will not dissapoint serious guitar fans unless they think that Lenny Kravitz is the second coming....