Closer Than Together - The Avett Brothers

Closer Than Together

The Avett Brothers

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2019-10-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • American Recordings; ℗ 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Bleeding White The Avett Brothers 3:36
Tell the Truth The Avett Brothers 3:22
We Americans The Avett Brothers 6:23
Long Story Short The Avett Brothers 4:05
C Sections and Railway Trestle The Avett Brothers 4:33
High Steppin' The Avett Brothers 3:21
When You Learn The Avett Brothers 4:06
Bang Bang The Avett Brothers 4:12
Better Here The Avett Brothers 3:50
New Woman's World The Avett Brothers 4:04
Who Will I Hold The Avett Brothers 4:22
Locked Up The Avett Brothers 3:18
It's Raining Today The Avett Brothers 6:10


  • Just plain bad

    By Moss Dad
    Love these guys. Unfortunately all but two songs are pure junk. Anybody who's giving this more than 1 or 2 starts has an agenda. Just bad music period.
  • Why?

    By Eh Oh Tree!
    Cmon, I understand taking a stance but why do so in such a way? I am such a big fan of The Avett Brothers... so (I made a huge mistake) I didn’t even think twice when purchasing. They have set such a precedence of great music I didn’t read reviews or listen to any songs. Politics and opinions in music is just a bad idea. It’s not just one song. I’m inclined to think it’s like 80% of the album. And really.... slavery and scars of our nation? Almost EVERY country and civilization started the same way or worse.
  • Painful

    By From Bristol and Winston Salem
    I thought this day would never come. I have purchased multiple copies of every LP and EP over the years. Given them away as gifts and introduced lots of people to the music I loved. I’ve waited patiently since Emotionalism for the magic to come back and album by album it continues to decline. Now there is this.... I honestly purchased this album, listened to it once and deleted it. I’ll wait this one out and try again. I’m so disappointed.
  • 2nd Listen

    By Southern Native
    I adore the Avett Brothers. Y’all can do better than this, guys. You have a long time ago before you landed in Hollywood-Land with Rick R. and all your fawning Hollywoodie Celebrity Fan Base. It’s Friday night, it’s been a week I first listened to this anticipated release. I have had no desire to listen to this album since then. We were bored and decided we needed a laugh: so we are listening to this again. “We Americans” is awful. It’s ignorant. And the music is altogether ridiculous and repetitive. My husband begged me to forward to the next song. The spoken words ruins the beautiful nuances of lyrical art. It’s so blatant and bold, it obliterates and obscures the art experience. You preach instead of leading the listener to think for himself: you insult every listener by this exercise. Do yourself a favor: record an audiobook next time you feel you have to give editorial commentary like this. Hollywood liberals like that juvenile dude y’all got to direct or produce your documentary will lap it up. (Face it, your connections to Hollywood have blinded you. Hollywood is a hypocritical hole.) Avetts, is this album a joke? As far as political commentary goes, you didn’t say anything we aren’t already Force-fed by elite celebrities and people who think they know better than the everyday American.
  • Fantastic from start to finish!

    By #oneavettfan:)
    The Avett Brothers best studio album to date! It’s not political in the sense people thought it would be after the mission statement before the release. It’s pure and simple truth that everyone can relate to and should relate to if you are a genuinely good person living in this world today. I love all the different pitches of their voices and the push for trying new sounds. New albums are about growth and I am proud to be on this journey with this band! The Avett Brothers are classic in my mind. Think Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan.... love, peace, and music.
  • Insufferable swill

    By seeeester
    “Your angry uncle, that’s depressingly preachy at Thanksgiving, made an album....”
  • Something is missing

    By Field357
    Will have to think more about it but doesn’t have the same spark.
  • Disappointed

    By lishafrmCA
    After being a long time fan since before swept away and salvation song, I’ve seen them at shows and I feverishly anticipate new content and creativity from avett brothers. The last album was a bit of a let down but This one is highly disappointing to me. It sounds like they just needed to put out another album out of obligation. The music for me was disconnected. The direction the music has gone has been downhill imo. I am not political so it had no bearing on my view. The lyrics and melodies didn’t suit my taste. I’ll continue to listen to the older albums.
  • Major buyers remorse

    By Smart Remark
    I have 3 albums, counting this horrid choice without research. The 1st one I bought was ok, Inoticed I had another and thought, " they have a new album, I think I'll download it!' "Please Take my HUMBLE ADVICE, don't buy this. Should you purchase this then you too will be leaving a review like mine. Whomp, Whomp, Whomp Whaaaaaaaa!
  • Are you lost?

    By Are you lost?????
    Let us start with "It's raining today, I love this sad little song, it's a feel good hurt ; ) High Steppin was fine after a couple of listening sessions. I pre ordered the album and I am sorry for that, those two songs were all I would have purchased. I am one of the people who were lucky enough to see them in the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland years concert ever! Many times after that, including last month in Cleveland, and in Red Rocks, where I enjoyed them as the warm up band WAY more than the headliner (years ago) I am going to try and be helpful to a band I love, this is my opinion only, but don't make your audience feel bad by putting politics in your lyrics in a preachy kind of way. I can't speak for a man, but I would not like to think that they could no longer be in charge of things, that women should, when the qualified might feel better. I have always loved the lyrics that come from The Avett Brothers. This album feels like someone else wrote this stuff. I will peacefully wait for the next album. Are you ever coming home? Are you lost? : ). How about an album of untilted tracks, Scott?? I would so PREORDER it!!!

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