Kinda Don't Care (Deluxe Version) - Justin Moore

Kinda Don't Care (Deluxe Version)

Justin Moore

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2016-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


Title Artist Time
Robbin' Trains Justin Moore 3:25
Put Me In a Box Justin Moore 2:44
Kinda Don't Care Justin Moore 4:21
Hell On a Highway Justin Moore 4:20
Goodbye Back Justin Moore 3:13
You Look Like I Need a Drink Justin Moore 3:07
Somebody Else Will Justin Moore 2:45
Between You and Me Justin Moore 3:00
Got It Good Justin Moore 2:43
Rebel Kids Justin Moore 3:56
More Middle Fingers (feat. Bra Justin Moore 3:55
Life In the Livin' Justin Moore 3:08
Middle Class Money Justin Moore 3:42
Pick-Up Lines Justin Moore 3:21
Spendin' the Night Justin Moore 3:16
When I Get Home Justin Moore 3:39


  • Stars across the board

    By Lesser m
    I’m a little late with my review, but better late than never! Purchased #7, which was a big hit. After sampling the entire album, I feel most of the songs on this album are rock stars! And if you don’t think so, well maybe you are not at a stage in your life where you can appreciate it!
  • Hell on a highway!!

    By $ Michael H $
    Awesome album Justin!!
  • The singles were promising

    By Ipodpasstime
    First time I've ever not given a Justin Moore album 5 stars. The singles were good. The rest of the album, eh, strayed too much from himself on this one though.
  • Terrible

    By Mr. LeviMoore
    Here's the breakdown: 1. Robbin' Trains (3/10) while still better than Old Dominion on Meat and Candy, this song's still horrible, with only acoustic guitars for the chorus, except for a riff, and background electric guitars, it turns out horrible. The bridge tones are the worst, with bad amps. 2. Put Me In a Box (2.1) though the rating might be worse than a couple of the hateful Old Dominion songs, it's better than those, though still turning into a horrible mess. Guitar tones are bad, while there's a synth that is from like Maroon 5, and shouldn't show up on this song at all. 3. Kinda Don't Care (7/10) good song, even though it's slow, lyrics are decent, decent guitar tones and riffs. 4. He'll On a Highway (8.8/10) one of the best songs on the album, terrific guitar tones and everything. 5. Goodbye Back (3.3/10) bad song, too slow and bad lead guitar slick tone. The tones are horrible, and the song is too slow, and the chorus is horrible. 6. You Look Like I Need a Drink (9/10) second best song on this album, this is an awesome song and the guitar tones are awesome, along with the organs. 7. Somebody Else Will (8.7/10) another good song, finally some good songs. The guitar tones are terrific, along with the organs. 8. Between You and Me (2.001/10) another horrible song, the guitar tones are horrible, and the mixing is the worst, it makes it sound so imperfessional, and the synth that's on the second track is horrible. The verse is horrible, with the synths being one of the only instruments, then a piano breakdown. Really? Enough said. 9. Got It Good (3.4/10) another bad song, with the increasing sound in guitars, and the drum machines are the worst, when they crop up on the second part of the chorus. There are no electric guitars, and the acoustic chorus riffs are the worst, the one that starts at the chorus, and goes through the verse. 10. Rebel Kids (4.7/10) this one is decent enough, but still not good. The tones are good, but the song is just way too slow for me to get into it. 11. Middle Middle Fingers (6/10) the guitar tones are good, and everything. This song is a good song. It ain't the best though. 12. Life In the Livin' (7/10. This song kinda grew on me. In the beginning, I didn't like it, but then it kinda grew on me. The guitars sound good on it. The lyrics are kinda clever. 13. Middle Class Money (6/10) is not a bad song, but not good either. The acoustic guitars and chord progressions aren't bad. The banjos are good. It is a relief after listening to the other songs of the album, even though it isn't good. It seems like you love the song after hearing the other songs first, big relief. 14. Pick-Up Lines (21/10) best song of the album, the guitar tones are awesome, and the steel guitar and chord progressions are awesome. 15. Spendin' the Night (4.5/10) not a good song again. The synths are bad, along with the organs and guitar tones, all of them are bad, along with the percussion and the wood tap thing. 16. When I Get Home (5.1/10) not a good song, but better than some of the other songs. The guitars aren't good, and it's way too slow. The bridge is the worst of the song, with forced strums and the bass drum beating. That sounds terrible. So that's the end of the album.

    By Bocephus Dinosaur
    So sad to see another good one sell out!!! Hang in there Whitey Morgan, Sturgill Simpson and Turnpike y'all are about all that's left.
  • Pop slop

    By DJ Dallas Bedsole
    Another razorback sellout that used to make really GREAT country has taken the pop slop approach. Adding a banjo track to a pop song does not make it country. Get back to making better real country music soon I hope!!!

    By purecowboy
    At one time there was a shred of hope that actual country music was still alive and then this album came out. Glad I listened to the clips before I bought the album. SHAME ON YOU JUSTIN for being a SELLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By KaneTrainFanFromTheStart
    I love Justin Moore and I love this album!! I would pay much more for this than I did to have this! By far the best!!! 🙌🏻😍
  • One of the only real country sounds left

    By Surfaddict313
    Freggin awesome Justin. Please come to Oregon (preferably Bend). A lot of country lovers out here!!
  • Disappointed

    By Biker435
    I was sure when i heard Justin Moore had a new album that it would definitely be one of the best this year. He was one of the few left you could count on for traditional sounding country music. Apparently the record labels convinced him like most other country singers that we dont want that anymore. Listened to the previews on iTunes and i definitely wont be purchasing the album. Better spent on singers that still know what country is

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