Skeleton Tree - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Skeleton Tree

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2016-09-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2016 Bad Seed Ltd


Title Artist Time
Jesus Alone Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:52
Rings of Saturn Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 3:28
Girl in Amber Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:51
Magneto Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:22
Anthrocene Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:34
I Need You Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:58
Distant Sky (feat. Else Torp) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:36
Skeleton Tree Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:01


  • Brilliant

    By RT review
    This is easily one of the greatest albums of all time, every song is worth multiple listenings.
  • Absolutely Breathtaking

    By Cocteau twins fan
    Wasn't expecting too much when I first sunk my ears into the single Jesus Alone. I even waited a while to finally listen to the whole album. But when I finally did I was blown away. One thing to point out is that this album is sad. If you aren't ready to be taken away by sadness for 40 minutes than this might not be the best Nick Cave album for you. Overall this album is beautiful and takes you on an emotional journey that's defiently worth taking.
  • First Nick Cave purchase

    By means...
    This is gorgeous music. A journey of an album. Love it, the music and lyrics. Haunting, an album that definitely sticks with you.
  • Raw and Moving

    By jazzy dog
    To those being underwhelmed I say respect this work. I have 2 sons younger than the one Nick just lost and I would be devastated if I lost them. He needed to record this. I agree there is some re-hashing of previous themes and sounds, but maybe he found these sounds now would be put to their best use to move to the next stage of his life given the grief he is going through? Earlier Seeds records had that edgy raw Rn'R dynamic to them. I don't want to say that the sounds here are Nick moving in a mature direction, but rather, he and Warren have been clearly moving to an ambient, soundtrack style over the past few years as we all know, less song-driven, more feeling and atmospheric (hate that word though). Barry Adamson has been doing it for decades and they have worked closely together. Respect the artist and how he is communicating to us. Love ya Nick.
  • Don't Like the New Formula

    By earlk111
    Definitely not going to purchase. I listened to the entire album twice streaming from BBC, and it really underwhelmed me. Out-of-sync loops that never cohere into anything resembling form, while Cave sounds like he's ad-libbing all his vocals reading out of his lyrics notebook. It's just not good. It sounds like three radio stations playing at the same time with someone reading over the top of it. There are no hooks and no melodies anywhere to be found.
  • Excellent

    By @chuckp8
    All tracks are now downloading fine... which makes this one of the best releases of the year. Outstanding. Cave and co. do it again and again.
  • How to fix “Skeleton Tree” download

    By 21mc21
    This album is more than great, it is incredibly, beautifully haunting. For this reason I was even more frustrated when I was not able to download “Skeleton Tree” in the beginning, even though I purchased the whole album. Following advice from Apple support, I updated my iTunes app to the latest version (12.5); under “Account”, clicked on “Check For Available Downloads”, and the song downloaded automatically. A powerful conclusion to an incredible album, it was definitely incomplete without it. Pure beauty.
  • Absolutely mesmerizing!!

    By Joyrean
    Watched "One More Time With Feeling" in the theater. It really showed just how much went into this album. This album is AWESOME!
  • Not Good

    By Icdedpl
    This is the first Nick Cave album I will not be purchasing. The music is muddled horribly, the lyrics random and not well thought out. Much like his previous album, which wasn't very good either with references to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, oh and 72 virgins.
  • Really great album--fix last track please

    By howtoguidefornickname
    I love this album. I purchased the entire album, but I can't even listen to the title track in its entirety. Please fix.

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